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E-Flexy (Koper Fleksibel)

Project By : Luke Jonathan

Deskripsi Project :

E-Flexy is a company that focuses on producing flexible things specifically bags. The first product of E-Flexy is a flexible suitcase, which is different from other suitcases because it can expand itself. The main innovation of this product lies in the structure of its body that has a foldable shape. This foldable structure is designed to be pulled to expand its capacity and size. Besides suitcases, E-Flexy aims to produce flexible backpacks, business bags, and other kinds of bags in the future. Moreover, E-flexy highly supports the environment by using eco-friendly materials for its product. 

Employees of E-Flexy from different divisions are currently working together to aim their main purpose. Each division has its own vision and mission to reach the end goal of this company. So as of right now, E-Flexy will still try to develop its organization system so it can be more specific and increase its workflow.


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- Luke Jonathan

- Puji Sakinah Marinda

- Ellisa Serona

- Nathania Setiadi

- Dexter Dharamawan

Lowongan yang Tersedia :

  • Close Date July 10, 2021

Chief Financial Officer

  • Close Date July 10, 2021

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Close Date Aug. 31, 2021

Chief Human Resource

  • Close Date Aug. 31, 2021

Chief Operating Officer

  • Close Date Aug. 31, 2021

: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya


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