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Project By : agnes febriana marius

Deskripsi Project :

H.I.T (Health In Time) can help users track their health status and make them more aware of their physical condition. Therefore, we believe that H.I.T is what society currently needs.

Health Tracker

Our product will provide a daily tracker from the user along with a reminder so that users can always remember to input the daily tracker.

Health Suggestion

Our product will give feedback or alert when users have anomalies in their health tracker input. These feedbacks are based on medical experts and medical record from previous cases on the app

Kelompok :

Agnes Febriana Marius / 23102010019

Deborah Pingkan / 23102010077

Felicita / 23102010038

Michael Ivander Lay / 23101810076

Savio Darmento / 23101810002

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Health SuggestionH

Health Suggestion

Health Suggestion

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