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Oh My Dog!

Project By : Aurellia Christie

Deskripsi Project :

Oh My Dog! provides an All-in-One Dog Management App and a Safe Collar with Tracker System that is connected to the app via a barcode. This product is designed to ease dog owners in taking care of their dogs. 

Oh My Dog! App is completed with the followings features:

- Activity Reminder

- Food Recommendation

- Tracking System

- Sharing Location & Chat with Other Dog Owners

- Articles & Tips

- Online Shop

In addition, the collar size and name on Oh My Dog! Collar can be customized! So, it is guaranteed that our collar is safe and comfortable to be used by any dogs!

Prototype: OhMyDog!_Prototype

Our Team:

- Jemima Winarto / 23101810004 / BM 2018

- Aurellia Christie / 23101810072 / BM 2018

- Elisa Setiawan / 23101810083 / BM 2018

- David Setianto Yustus / 23301910007 / REE 2019

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: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya


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