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Deskripsi Project :

Out of 3 million KiloLitre (KL) of used cooking oil that was collected nationally, about 2.4 million KL (80%) was used for recycled cooking oil and export and only about 570,000 KL (19%) was used for biodiesel and other needs. Therefore, the conversion of used cooking oil to biodiesel is a promising energy business potential (EBTKE Public Relations, 2020).

Solution: Smart Controller for BioDiesel reactor (SCBD-r)

SCBD-r is a tool to manage waste oil in one click with the help of smart devices, no more hassle to live greener. Its objective is to utilize used cooking oil and convert it into biodiesel and make the environment greener.


Presentation link 

Full demo video (prototype) and PPT link (PPT cannot be uploaded to STEMpreneur):


Group 8 member:

1. Annisa Nurul M (BM 2017) / 02310171025

2. Fernando N (REE 2018) / 23301810005

3. Glenaldi Karim (REE2018) / 23301810008

4. Samuel Tansie (CSE 2018) / 23401810005

5. Vanessa Rustam (BM 2017) / 02310171007

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: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya