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Solar Roof Tiles

Project By : Reza Radinka

Deskripsi Project :

Solar Roof Tiles

Our project is titled Solar Roof Tiles with the intention of providing renewable energy for the housing industry using solar cells embedded in a roof tile, to be assembled ontop of houses as a replacement for traditional roof tiles. This project was made as a contribution towards 100% Renewable Indonesia. Batteries will be placed as a means to provide electricity to said houses. We also prepared an app, which can both monitor energy production and check energy needed for the house, while also checking energy balance in the battery. 


Our team consists of 5 members:

Reza Radinka REE 18 

Billy BM 17

Edgarda Suiwidjaya BM 17

Baihaqi Saputra SE 18

Nathanael Jeremy CSE 18


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: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya


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