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Project By : Vinnie Leyticia Daniella

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About Us

XpandGO, established in 2022 by Vinnie Leyticia Daniella, Dominique Clarissa, Jocelyn Halim, Alvin Judah Sumandar, and Jeremy Yohanes Surjanto, is an equity-based fundraising company with dedicated goal of offering innovative financing choices for the modern advanced microbusiness environment.

More than 50.000++ new businesses are created each year in Indonesia, and yet only a fraction receive funding. Now, we make it possible for all varieties of growth-oriented businesses to raise capital and a community in the process. Additionally, we also make it feasible for all sorts of investors to participate in companies they believe in and share in their success, from discovering new opportunities to closing acquisitions.

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Our Member:
1, Vinnie Leyticia Daniella (23101810015)
2. Dominique Clarissa (23101810010)
3. Jeremy Yohanes Surjanto (23101810063)
4. Alvin Judah Sumandar (23101810014)
5. Jocelyn Halim (23101810054)

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: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya


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