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Yasai Kudasai

Project By : surya chandra

Deskripsi Project :


We offer urban farm growers with the functionality and aesthetics of a piece of furniture that can fit in any room. This product can be used as a grower with a hydroponic mechanism and can grow various kinds of vegetables through an automatic process that requires maintenance by the user. Our products have various features that can help the growing process and provide user information about the health conditions of plants. Yasai Kudasai ensures quality plants and a very beginner-friendly experience even for those who have never grown plants hydroponically or even grow plants normally


Exposure: Expose our product to a larger audience, not just the nieche market 

Educate the People: Make urban farming easy to understand and accessible to a lot of people Our Product A furniture that is also a hydroponic planting platform


Ida Bagus Michael Putra Dharma 23102010015 

Ida Bagus Putra Brahmavidya 23102010085

Albie Prandi 23601910007

Surya Chandra 23501910010

Lowongan Tidak Tersedia

: Prasetiya Mulya


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