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Healthy Buddy

Project By : Cheryl Kathleen

Deskripsi Project :

According to Bappenas data sources, there are around 23 to 48 million tons of food wasted every year. We also found out that the lack of efficiency in managing meal plans and bulk buying resulting in increased wasted food and limited food choices.

Therefore, we introduce our product, Healthy Buddy, where customers can purchase affordable ready-to-cook meal kits and have them delivered to their doorstep. Each meal component starting from protein, vegetable, carbo, and flavour can be customed based on available options. In addition, information guidance such as calories and recipes for each meal will be provided as well.

Planning to try and cook your own healthy meal? 

Healthy Buddy got your back!




Business Innovation Project by Group 10 which consist of the following members:

Carryna - 23101910056

Cheryl Kathleen - 23101910005

Dimas Bima Perkasa Sunyoto - 23401910003

Stanly Esteven - 23101910074

Wirini Desia - 23101910053


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: University's Prasetiya Mulya


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