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Lagi Satu Motor

Project By : Rayhan Yazid Arrafie

Deskripsi Project :

Lagi Satu Motor is an application for renting electric motorcycles (e-cycles) located in Bali, Indonesia. Targeting both the local residents of Bali and tourists, Lagi Satu Motor provides convenience in renting electric motorcycles. With a user-friendly design, Lagi Satu Motor also offers ease of online motorcycle rental.

Lagi Satu Motor is an innovative application that aims to facilitate and enhance the experience of renting electric motorcycles on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Catering to the needs of both local residents and tourists, our app provides a seamless and user-friendly interface for renting electric motorcycles. We understand the importance of technology in the modern era, and that's why we have developed an online platform that enables users to conveniently rent motorcycles anytime, anywhere. Through our mobile app, users can easily explore the available options, select their desired rental duration, and make quick and efficient bookings.

In addition to providing eco-friendly electric motorcycle rental services, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our trained and professional team is dedicated to delivering excellent service and providing the necessary information to make renting a motorcycle with Lagi Satu Motor an unforgettable experience.

With Lagi Satu Motor, our goal is to become a trusted partner for both the residents of Bali and tourists in exploring the beauty of the island in an environmentally friendly, safe, and convenient way. Join us and experience the ease and freedom of exploring Bali with our nature-friendly electric motorcycles.



The innovation of Lagi Satu Motor is an idea from Group 6 Business Innovation, consisting of the following members:
Rayhan Yazid Arrafie - 23402010001
Yohanes Kevin Saputra - 23101910023
Jonathan William - 23101910030
Axel Arthur Yulianto - 23101910065
David Hansel Gunawan - 23101910071
Theodore Shawn Lalamentik - 23101910081

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: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya


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